Hillary Clinton Stands Up for Children Separated from Their Families at US Boarder

July 18, 2018 - By Joseph Taylor

Hillary Clinton calls the Trump administration’s policy of separating immigrant and refugee children from their families at the boarder a “moral crisis.” She asks, “What is more uncivil than taking children away?”

Regarding the “zero tolerance” policy as crass and heartless strategic move, Hillary Clinton feels that Trump is merely playing to his anti-immigrant political base and setting himself up for effective negotiations for the completion of his proposed border wall. However, the results of this policy, in the eyes of Hillary Clinton, are absolutely “horrific.”

Clinton explains that, because many of the children have no command of language and few, if any, speak fluent English or even Spanish, confusion at the boarder is rampant. Adding to the trauma of their separation, the US government is funneling children into a broken system that can easily loose track of children in a fog of “very poor record keeping and incompetence.”

Politicians and the general public alike are praising Hillary Clinton for speaking out on this issue as well as backing up her worlds with positive action. Since addressing the boarder crisis during a keynote speech before the Women’s Forum of New York in June of 2018, Clinton has raised considerable funds to support affected families and their children.

Spreading her message through Twitter, Hillary Clinton called upon her followers to give an average of $60 per person to a group of ten organizations that are fighting against Trump’s unjust and inhumane immigration policy. These organizations include the American Civil Liberties Union, the Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project, and the Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project.

Amazingly, Hillary Clinton managed to raise $750,000 in a single day thanks to her considerable social media following. At the present time, Clinton’s efforts have netted a more than $1.5 million in total donations. And that number continues to rise.


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